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Women persisting in STEM professions

This morning, bright and early, women and a few men attended a very delicious breakfast held by the women in science and engineering subcommittee. The event occurs every year for those people who want to talk about the gender differences the STEM fields.
This year, the breakfast featured Kathleen Buse, the faculty director of the leadership lab for women in STEM at Case Western University. Dr. Buse gave an excellent presentation on why some women persist in their science and engineering fields and how we can increase the number that do. She presented many statistics and data sets representing the percentage of women in jobs, some which astounded the audience.
These days it is important to think about these things as a woman in science who will be faced with many of the same challenges. One point she made was that girls in middle school subconsciously decide to pursue science or not. It is up to us older women in science to inspire these girls to do so and to feel confident in their abilities at a young age.

Something to think about.

Happy sciencing!

Women persisting in STEM professions


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