Stability of liquid-nanostructure interfaces
Ice Cream Break: A Networking Hub

Nurturing Future Material Scientists

Students stand as a crux for this great event and MRS makes efforts to recognize and encourage their activities in spreading the word of MRS and its initiatives.  With over 80 student chapters and counting stationed in USA and globally, it is firm and growing every year. The Student chapter coordinator Ms. Lorri Smiley says student chapters are a vital part of the Materials Research Society, providing discussion between students and faculty and promoting student interest in materials science. My experiences with the chapter luncheon have always been exciting and resourceful. It gives an insight view of what exactly MRS stands for and its message to future material scientists. It stands as an avenue for students to network, know about their peers, and promote materials education among the young and future professionals.


Every year, representatives of these chapters are encouraged to attend the chapter luncheon, which apparently enhances chapter activities, promotion, and recruitment procedures. Today’s chapter luncheon is as exciting as its previous events. Recently, they inititated “Design a Shirt to Promote Your MRS University Chapter and/or Materials Science”, where students get a chance to show off their Chapter’s creative talents! And award the most unique and creative!


Finally the first prize of $100 was awarded to Drexel University and the second received by Columbia University.


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