Who says science can't be funny?
Intro to MRS Fall 2014

Are you graduating???

Are you graduating anytime soon? looking for a job?

Then don't forget to stop by the career section in Moscone. The career section is fully packed with a wide variety of positions fitting for academia as well as th industry. It also has booths set-up for industry such as Applied Materials, Goodyear tyres and etc, and academia such as Singapore university and King abdullah university are keenly interested to recruit recent-grads and postdocs.

Per my conversation with the reps at Goodyear booth, they are avidly in search for postdocs with expertise in polymers and composite materials. While, the applied materials is on hunt for software engineer, electrical engineer, process engineer and application engineer. Wanna test your luck? then stop by their booths and talk to them for insight details.


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