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DAY 2 - MRS OnDemand and my first moderator experience: virtual attendees, virtual time virtual moderator?

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Second day was a intense day that started with MRS OnDemand event for me: this is a really great thing again MRS staff members deserve a big THANK YOU for this initiative! 

As president of MRS-UTDallas chapter, even though I am in person here in Boston, we set up things there so that all other students could see the live broadcasting. Did you know that even from your own desktop/laptop at home you could do the same? You just need to register online and login with your login and password from MRS.

Going to the facts: me and my colleague Erika were called to help as moderators, which was a great thing for us as post-docs. This unique experience with virtual attendees and speakers (we had two virtual speakers) was fantastic and we got feedback from universities around USA that were also streaming on their campus like we did at UTDallas. Though I could not spend all the time there due to other responsabilities as a volunteer member at Academic Affairs (maybe next time we have virtual moderators: that would be funny!), I really liked being in the other side too.

For the Career Paths in Materials Science we had two online speakers: Ihab Odeh, who talked about career in industry, and Kevin Whitllessey, who explained about career in the advocacy side. Physically with us we had also two speakers: Mille Dresselhaus, who shared with us her own pathway in physics in the academia, and Neville Moody, who talked about the opportunities at government labs. It was a success: look the physical audience we had (image below).


Physical atendees audience during the first session of MRS_OnDemand.

In the afternoon we continued with MRS_OnDemand with the session about Exploration of the Impact of Materials on Society. We learnt a lot there by thinking more broadly, taking into consideration all the aspects that one material/product can impact society. One of the most fun things we did (yes, I integrated the group then) was a challenge between online and physical atendees after the session (see image below). Science is also about having fun and interacting with people!



Physical and online volunteers of the challenge at Exploration of the Impact of Materials on Society session.


Results comparison of the diagrams obtained after the challenge: we got a spaghetti kind of diagram almost!




Gloria Kim

nice article and pictures! thanks for sharing!

Monica Jung de Andrade

Welcome, Gloria! I'm glad you liked.

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