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Hello, I'm Catherine Walker and I'll be blogging throught the MRS meeting next week. I'm a fifth-year student in polymer science and engineering and this is my first time attending an MRS meeting. I'm excited to present my work to a different audience. I'm also begining the exciting but nerve-wracking process of looking for a job so I plan to do try out some of my networking skills and use some of the resources MRS provides. I'll be writing about some of those experiences as well as the inspiring work of other presenters. There's lots to do before I hit the road to Boston tomorrow so I will write again soon!


Dear All,

Welcome blog readers! My name is Monica Jung de Andrade and I will be a MRS Fall Meeting Blogger this year. I am originally from Brazil. I received my PhD degree in materials engineering after studies and research in different universities in Brazil, Germany and France. I came to US as a post-doc where I am currently working at the University of Texas at Dallas. During recent years, I got the opportunity to be more involved with MRS at different levels: as a member, as a MRS meeting attendee, as a volunteer in different committees and, most recently, as the president of MRS-UTDallas chapter (recently born chapter). This time, I am excited with the opportunity to be a blogger at the 2013 MRS Fall Meeting, one of biggest events in MSE throughout the world!

I love writing and I hope to bring all the excitement I have to science and outreach to all of you!

There will be so many exciting events to explore waiting there for you all: seminars, workshops, outreach activities, several parallel meetings and exhibitions, science as art competition, poster sections, awards and also many social activities for networking and having fun (the amazing Nano Brothers show, cyber café, hands-on Nano café, student mixer, women in MSE breakfast)! I encourage you to check in advance the program online or add the MRS app to your cell phone:

Feel free to contact me at 2013 MRS Fall Meeting and share your impressions with me.

For those that won’t be there this time, I’ll be blogging to you soon from Boston!

Thank you MRS for offering us all these amazing activities!



The 2013 MRS Fall Meeting starts on Sunday, December 1! Please check this blog frequently for meeting highlights from our graduate student bloggers. You won't be disappointed!