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Having finally attended my first presentation (Xiaodong Chen's talk on bioinspired graphene materials-- I wish there were more bioinspiration talks today, I am always in awe over the creativity of nature), I have some helpful tips for MRS newcomers.

1. Take the BART if you can! I learned the hard way this morning that the Bay Bridge + no parking validation is a huge waste of time AND money.

2. Plan ahead of time which presentations you plan to go to, as well as where they are located. Don't simply rely on the itinerary builder as it does not show which room each talk is in and know where each room you will be going to is so you can minimize time wasted looking for stuff.

3. To maximize your efficiency, try to attend consecutive talks in the same room, and if you can't do that, at least in the same building. The walk between the Marriott and Moscone West is a few minutes, which is a big chunk of time considering some talks only last 15 minutes.

That's all for now, I'm already late for my next presentation!



My name is Rodger and I will be a student blogger for the MRS Spring Meeting. Some background on me: I am a sophomore at UC Berkeley studying Materials Science. At Berkeley, I am also a member of Professor Nitash Balsara's lab doing research on block copolymer electrolytes.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the first day of the meeting, but I will be skipping all of my classes Tuesday - Friday to blog about my experiences at the meeting. If anyone else is leaving from the Berkeley area, please let me know so we can carpool! (I have a car)