Symposium G HEMT reliability has 6 invited talks this morning

I am so excited to see our group (UCR)'s T shirt desgin in Alket Mertiri 's post. Actually, i had to leave ealier to present so i was not able to show the design. I belive all university chapter members had a good time there.

A lot of good works were shown in the poster session today. I talked with a couple of authors there.

Adrianus I. Aria from California Institue of Tech showed a promising appoach to bring oxidized functional groups to carbon nanostructures by UV/Ozone treatment. The method can enhance the surface wettability a lot which will benefit the electrode-electrolyte interation.

Quan Ma, Dezheng Sun from Dr. Ludwig Bartels' s group (UC Riverside) discovered a unique ''square'' structure MoSx by Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy which is very promising for catalytic applications. Some addtional detailed further study will be showed in U9.23.


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