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December 2011

academia in Europe

For me, the last day consisted of meetings with professors and students from Germany, with the purpose of diffusing false assumptions and learning more about their academic landscape. Great advice and many useful tips were exchanged. Germany may be a great future destination for me!



See you next year

Our group is going back today. It’s a wonderful meeting. Even if this is the first time I attended MRS meeting, I learned a lot about research skills, experience, characterization techniques, presenting skills and so on…

Hope everyone have a safe trip back home, and see you next year!


Symposium F Thursday

The topics of Symposium F today is mainly about characterization techniques used in battery materials investigations. There are nice talks about TXM, XRD, TEM, neutron, Nonlinear Infrared Spectroscopy, and Electrochemical Strain Microscopy. The important point is, whenever possible, people are trying to perform in-situ experiments. For dynamic systems like battery, in-situ experiments are always of very high interests. And modern technology progress allow us to do all these incredible analysis.

If you are coming from north america region, dont forget to stop by the Strange Matter booth and ask if they have any exhibition near you. I guess its a great idea to take our child and family members to this exhibition. The more public outreach results more improvement in the MRS scientific community.

Things to Do in Boston

The MRS is coming to its end. Before leaving, maybe some people want to visit several Boston attractions. Here are some recommendations.

  1. Quincy Market, Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park and Hangover Street
    To go to the Quincy Market, you can take the green line from the Hynes Conventional Center to Government Center. There are various shops, delicious food and beautiful sea at the same place.
  2. Freedom Trail
    The Freedom Trail is a red path through Boston, which links the local landmarks together. It starts from Boston Common to Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown. The total length is about 2.5 miles.
  3. The Prudential Center and Newbury Street
    If you don’t have much time, you can try the Prudential Center and Newbury Street, which are just around the meeting place.  You can overlook the whole city on the top of the Prudential Center and the Newbury Street is a good place to go for relaxation in Boston.
  4. Harvard University and MIT
    Besides visiting the campus, you can also buy souvenirs in the COOP STORE, or enjoy lobster and other delicious food in the restaurants around the campus.

Boston is a very nice city. Hope you can have a good time here.


The Von Hippel Award

The Von Hippel Award goes to Prof. A. Paul Alivisatos this year, in recognition of his outstanding achievement in semiconductor nanocrystals-related research. After the award ceremony, Prof.  A. Paul Alivisatos gave a lecture on his previous and recent research, which covered the synthesis, the assembly and various applications of semiconductor crytals. 


Advances in Heterointegration of III-V/Si Solar Cells

Professor Steven A. Ringel talked about metamorphic epitaxy and lattice engineering for III/V on Si solar cells today morning. In the talk, he presented a special MBE method called migration enhanced epitaxy, which the heterovalent III-V/IV nucleation-related defects are simultaneously eliminated. This technique provides a promising future for for III–V/Si device technologies.