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Blink, and the day could pass you right by. It has been non-stop all day with what seemed like an endless supply of great talks. I have to admit that the coffee breaks were much appreciated, to at least allow my brain a few minutes to begin to process all the new information it had taken in. Already, I've been thinking of a few new ideas that I am eager to get into the lab to act upon. It's these sparks of interest that are among the key benefits of attending the MRS Conference.

I had first thought I would listen to the Graduate Student Medal Finalist talks this afternoon, to offer my completely unsolicited and highly-biased opinion as to who delivered the best presentation. But, I decided to stick with the organic photovoltaics symposia, and ultimately was glad I did. There were several excellent talks showcasing some of the new developments in the field. Synthetic chemists preparing all sorts of new materials... followed by everyone trying to reason why one outperforms the other. By the last talk of the afternoon, my energy had nearly faded.

We are in full swing of the conference now, and I think the best is yet to come. Tomorrow, I'll be checking out the Science as Art competition, plent of talks, the Outstanding Young Investigator presentation, the plenary lecture, the Award Ceremony, and, time permitting, the poster session. Non-stop yet again...

- Jason


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