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Let's put a smile on this face!


This image by Ellisabetta Comini in Brescia Univeristy and CNR-IDASC SENSOR Laboratory in Italy caught my attention in the MRS science as art display gallery. As many have said, science as arts let you entertain both sides of your brain at the same time. And for this work particularly, it also provides a more direct link: emotion. Materials are emotionless, but scientists do. And the personification in this image, a teeth-showing grin, suggests a mixture of proud, gratification, and humor from the artist/scientist who did the work. It's nerdy and even a little naughty smile that makes this work so funny,  which in turn makes you smile together.

This is my pick of the first place winner (so bad that my vote don't count). Whatever the official outcome is, salute to Ellisabetta Comini for such a entertaining work.


Saniya LeBlanc

This was my pick for first place, too! My second place pick is the zinc "flowers" that look like carnations.

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