Thursday Wrap Up

exhibit at MRS


I used three of Bruker's machines, the one behind the two gentleman is the latest version of D8, a machine specialized for thin film samples. I was amazed by its completely fool-proof magnetic beam alignment assembly. Or to be more precise, one doesn't need to align, just put pieces together and each part will stick to the other correctly by magnetic force. Oh... now think about the amount of money our lab has spent on having field engineer to come over for beam alignment. Is there any way to update from old ones to this one? I asked. "No." ....


furnace, furnace, furnace. Programmable, high vacuum furnace.


With no offense at all, the claim by the poster is outrageously bold: "When the problem involves materials, the solution is ASM. "

Besides talks and poster sessions, MRS is also a marketplace for various companies and publishers to display their latest products. Wandering around various company booths, I was amazed at all the new functions that a seemly simple machine can have, (and secretly how they keep upgrading and keep us buying, just like Microsoft).


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