Thursday Wrap Up
On to the weekend!

Beyond the posters

I went to Thursday evening's poster session wanting to see three specific posters, but I only made it to two.  I got sidetracked by conversations with other grad students, and I'm the better for it.  It's nice to hear perspectives on PhD programs, career decisions, and even leisure time activities from people outside of my little circle.  It helps broaden my outlook and keeps me grounded.  To the authors of the that ZnO nanowire poster I never managed to see, maybe we'll cross paths in the future.  Meanwhile, thanks to the several new researchers I met yesterday who pulled me out of my research bubble for a couple of hours.

Today is the last day of the conference, and I've been waiting all week for this afternoon's talks in session DD12 (more thermoelectrics!).  We're almost to the end!  I'll write one more post... hopefully, before I enjoy a post-MRS happy hour.



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