Old friends!
Day Passes!

Science is ART.

So the slow and eventual tragic wrap up of MRS must be just around the corner, because I just saw they have posted the winners for the Science as Art competition. If you didn't vote, or didn't submit one this year, there is always the Fall or even next Spring! I don't always agree with the winners, but Art is a tough thing to judge. And since everyone views things differently, they (wisely) choose multiple winners. I think they are all kind of cool. My favorite one is the picture of the nitric acid etch of a felines tooth showing the ceramic structures! 

Another sign that MRS will be over soon: The exhibitors have packed up! 
But not to fear, there are still quite a number of talks ahead of us, and I have done a glance at my itnerary and there are still more than a dozen talks that I am interested in seeing. So if you are thinking of leaving early; don't! Change your flight, stay in the bay for the whole weekend! Also check out the talks tomorrow. 


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