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NY Times article: Stoves and the Environment

For those of you that made it to the Symposium X talks on Wednesday by Richard Le Sar and Scott Lacy, you may be interested in seeing this New York Times article on the environmental consequences of conventional stoves in developing countries. 

It states quite the statistic for black carbon emissions from these stoves: 

"While carbon dioxide may be the No. 1 contributor to rising global temperatures, scientists say, black carbon has emerged as an important No. 2, with recent studies estimating that it is responsible for 18 percent of the planet’s warming, compared with 40 percent for carbon dioxide."
Really, 18%? Sounds like a lot to just come from stoves.  

You can likely find more information on the two speakers and their work on their websites at Iowa State University (Le Sar) and Emory University (Lacy). 


Michael O'Hare

Nice article by Elisabeth. The comment by Chetram Jatrav of having less smoke and using less fuel from the stove shows us what is on the mind of locals.

Michael O'Hare
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