Music and Materials—Art and Science of Organ Pipe Metal

MRS TV talked with Catherine Oertel of Oberlin College and Annette Richards of Cornell University, the Tuesday Symposium X speakers, about their talk "Music and Materials—Art and Science of Organ Pipe Metal."

Theirs is an interdisciplinary project that provides one model for considering the materiality of music, and for the interplay of scientific and humanities research in addressing materials problems in cultural heritage.


Cycling for Science

In April 2015, two scientists set off to cross America by bike. Along the way, they taught science lessons to over 1000 kids using the Sol Cycle, a miniature, 3D-printed, solar-powered bicycle they designed using Tinkercad. From crowdfunding to lesson design to media outreach, here's what they learned in an adventure into non-traditional science outreach (feat. three mountain ranges, the nation’s largest jackalope, and MRS’ Pittsburgh headquarters).