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Thomas E and Getting Ready for Talks

This morning I went to my colleague, Thomas E,'s talk- CVD Growth of Few Layer MoTe2 in the 2H, 1T', and 1T Phases-Tunable Properties of MoTe2 Films. In order to get more info on how talks operate, I asked Thomas the details behind getting ready for his talk. Here is what he says:

Because he's been collecting data for this talk for a while, it only took him 1 full day of time to get ready for the talk, but used most of the other time to practice speaking for the talk. He didn't have much materials to pay for because it was a talk, so that was not of his worry. The hardest park of the talk was making sure he reached the time limit but not going over the time limit so he practiced speaking slowly in case he got nervous and sped things up. He did not like how the talk leaves things open ended so that people can ask so many questions, but he did appreciate how smoothly things ran this time. He honestly thought that no one was going to show up, so he was surprised at the outcome of the audience turnout.

-Tianyu Liu UCSC


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