ES10: Frontiers in Oxide Interface Spintronics—Magnetoelectrics, Multiferroics and Spin-Orbit Effects
ES14: Thin-Film Chalcogenide Semiconductor Photovoltaics

The Trip Home

Hello MRS!  Well, this is it, the last half hour.  Like many of you, I am heading back home soon.  For me, home is New Orleans, where I will return to my lab full of the new knowledge and insights that I learned over the past week.  I will return to my friends, and especially to my fiancé, who has been patiently waiting for me for the past week.  I will get back to work to prepare results to present at next year's MRS meeting.  This is the cycle, and hopefully sooner or later I will graduate!  For now, my plan is simply to take the fantastic Phoenix Metro Light Rail back to the Sky Harbor airport, and fly to NOLA (with a brief stop in Las Vegas).  

I hope that you all enjoyed this spring MRS conference, and I also hope you enjoyed the blog posts here on the MRS Meeting Scene.  I give a big shout-out to my fellow bloggers and to the MRS staff that make the MRS meeting scene possible, especially Judy Meiksin.  

I wish you all a wonderful year, a pleasant summer, and a safe trip home.  

-John, your faithful blogger.


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