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The Sheraton Difference

I really just want to use this post to give the Sheraton a big shoutout.  Although I am not even staying at the Sheraton, it has become my home-base for all of my work.  Its lobby has ample computer space, outlets, and even ethernet cables linked to high-speed internet.  Its 2nd floor room has been an incredibly spacious attendee lounge, complete with snacks at night during the gaps between symposia and poster sessions.  And of course its 3rd floor has played host to out massive nightly poster sessions.  The Sheraton as acted as a community center, and a great place to hang out at night.  

And finally, compliments to the chef, the BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches tonight we on-point; I didn't even need to eat out tonight!  A big thank-you to the Sheraton for being such a fine host for us this week.


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