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My Last Day in Spring '17 MRS

Time flies! Already five days have passed and officially today is the last day for the Spr '17 MRS meeting. In the morning I attended the ES2 sessions and learned a lot from fellows working both in batteries and supercapacitors. At the end of meeting, I met with a graduate student from UK. His team works on supercapacitor simulation works and published a high quality paper I just came across a few weeks ago. We talked about the current research in his group as well as challenges and opportunities for supercapacitor simulation works. It is always of great pleasure to talk to those people who are working on theoretical studies to guide our experimentalists to design novel materials.

Early this afternoon four bloggers met together for the first time (because we always scattered to capture the materials for our posts I guess), and took a photo together. Then I was approached by an engineer and shared me his valuable feedback about the past meeting. At 3 pm, I went to Sheraton and thanked Judy, who worked behind-the-scene and maintained this website, for  all her great effort! I returned from Sheraton and joined the last session of ES1, where people were talking about perovskite materials. The last session officially ended at 4:45 pm.

Looking forward, the first thing is to get back home. I will have an early fly (7 am) to San Jose, CA tomorrow. Will release myself for a work-free night to pack my things.

-Tianyu Liu UCSC


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