SM4: A Soft Future—From Electronic Skin to Robotics and Energy Harvesting
ED6: Nanostructured Quantum-Confined Materials for Advanced Optoelectronics

MRS Membership Beyond the Meetings

As the MRS spring meeting is winding down, I am remembering that in some ways the meeting keeps going.  The physical conference is over, but hopefully we are all members of the Materials Research Society, and can enjoy the benefits year-round.  This includes another big meeting, MRS Fall, typically in Boston.  It also includes countless other smaller, more specialized meetings either hosted or co-hosted by MRS.  I encourage you all to keep track of these conferences, and use them as a way to deepen your relationship with MRS.  In addition, MRS puts out several publications; my personal favorite is the materials 360 Newsletter, which keeps us up-to-date on the latest news in the materials research world.  Finally, MRS as an organization has lots of resources to help with networking and job-hunting.  The point is, the MRS spring meeting ends today, but MRS does not; it is a valuable network of people and tools that greatly benefits all of its members.  

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