NM9: High-Performance Metals and Alloys in Extreme Conditions
CM7: Genomic Approaches to Accelerated Materials Innovation

Last Section of Session ES3

The last session of ES3 I attended this afternoon focused on supercapacitor devices exclusively. Supercapacitors are electronic devices that can store electrical charges similar as batteries. The whole afternoon session contains a variety of talks with topics on hydrated tungsten oxide electrode, solar cell-supercpacitor composite devices and foldable supercapacitor devices. After the session was, I had a chat with the session organizer, Dr. Veronica Augustyn, an assistant professor from North Carolina state university. She is aware that the session is relatively small in size due to limited number of submissions, but she is also happy about the quality of the overall presentations: "I saw many fresh works which are in preparation, submitted, or under review get presented in my session". Also it might be positive to end the session today because there will be fewer people in the meeting as some of them start to depart. One thing Dr. Augustyn suggested for session organizers is to strengthen their inter-communications. Truly, session ES2, ES3 and ES13 all contain supercapacitor reports. "A possible way is to organize joint sessions in the future," commented by Augustyn.

-Tianyu Liu UCSC


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