NM9: High-Performance Metals and Alloys in Extreme Conditions
Interview of Dr. Alexander Ayzner from University of California, Santa Cruz

Last poster presentation of the MRS- Spring 17

Hello MRS:

As you might know this is the last day of the poster presentation and this is also our last activity of the day, do not miss all the session of today:


ED5.13, ED6.13 (Quantum Materials for Optoelectronic Devices), ED8.10, ED10.12 (Plasmonic Materials for Sensing), ES1.13, ES2.10, ES4.16 (Nanogenerators and Piezotronics), ES8.8,  ES9.9, ES10.14, ES13.8, Es.14.14 (Novel Chalcogenide Absorber Materials and Kesterite Absorber Growth and Devices), NM.1.10, NM2.14 (Heat transport and the Nanoscale), NM3.14 (Aerogels and Aerogel Inspired Materials-Carbon, Assemblies of 0D and 1D Nanostructures, Frontier Aerogels, Environmental Remediation, Processing and Light and Sound), NM5.5 (Terahertz Materials and Technology), NM10.9 (Nanoparticles and Bioapplications), NM10.10 (Nanostructures for Cell Biology, SM3.7 (Neural Interfaces), SM4.8 and SM8.19 (Advanced Polymers)

Do not miss them, come and check them out at 8:00 pm at Sheraton, Third Level, Phoenix Ballroom.

Also, if you want to take a look of my work, look out for the ES.14.19, my number already given it's 224. 

All the best on this last activity. 



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