Last Day of Spring MRS
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Fall in love with Arizona in 3 steps

Hello dear members:

As you might know, this is our last day of the MRS -Spring meeting17, there is a saying: "Nothing good last forever", and probably this is the reason why the MRS it's just 5 days. As we don't have tonight a poster presentation and if you are probably flying back to home tomorrow or Sunday  you will have a free time to spend. Due to that, I wanted to give you some suggestions of my top 3 places to visit. I was living around the Tempe-Phoenix area and I can guarantee, my suggestions in here.

Heard Museum: Known for its award-winning exhibits, the Heard Museum uses its collections and first-person voice to tell the stories of American Indian cultures while at the same time celebrates the diverse achievements of today’s artists. Experience the Heard’s many exhibition galleries that include both ongoing shows and changing exhibits featuring an array of artists and art forms. They have severals exhibitions, such as: Frida Kahlo  and Diego Rivera: This exhibit offers a rare opportunity to see firsthand masterpieces by two of the most important and recognizable artists of the 20th century, making Phoenix it's only North American stop on a world tour.  (Directions)

Do not miss this Museum, it's juts 15 minutes far from the Phoenix Convention Center. 


Heard Museum- Outside picture, taken by AHG


Phoenix Art Museum: An institution of exciting art and learning since 1959, Phoenix Art Museum has become the largest art museum in the southwestern United States, providing access to art from all over the world to the people of Arizona.  Right now it's having several exhibition, but the Samurai Exhibition was my favorite. The exhibition, organized by The Ann & Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum in Dallas, Texas, features more than 140 objects of warrior regalia, with full suits of armor, helmets and masks, weapons, horse tack, and other battle gear. It traces the evolution of the distinctive appearance and equipment of the samurai through the centuries and examines the warriors’ history through works of consummate craftsmanship and exquisite design. Directions

Desert Botanical Garden: If you still did't fall in love with Arizona, well this is one of most iconic places to Visit in Arizona, at least for me.  The Desert Botanical Garden provides a world-class experience for every visitor. Through permanent trailside exhibits, temporary art exhibitions and seasonal experiences we seek to transform the visitor experience into one of discovery and meaning about the desert and desert plants. Directions

Well, I hope this information could be helpful for you. Let me know how was your overall experience at the MRS- I'll be more than happy to know AraceliHG02.

Have a wonderful day!



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