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Best Poster Award Winners - Thursday

Arcade and Other Games

To celebrate the last poster session, my colleagues, a few other scientists we met during the conference, and I went out after poster sessions to toast to a good conference. We went to a place which I thought was quite interesting and worth checking out for those of you looking for things to do in Phoenix- the Cobra Arcade Bar.

This is not just your ordinary bar with drinks, this bar has a good amount of arcade games on site. From Street Fighter to Mario to The Simpsons Game, to bowling, Tetris, and more.... this bar offers a good amount of entertainment for a fair price (one to several tokens). It is rumored that if you come to the venue earlier, they will offer you free coins. If you don't make it in early enough, there is a promotion on Yelp where if you check in, they give you 10 free tokens.

Check it out sometime! I did see a bunch of MRS attendees there tonight.



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