Clash of the Titans
TC3: Materials Issues in Art and Archaeology

Graduate Student Awards

F16_ GSA Gold_IMG_6156
Gold Award Recipients:
Zakaria Al Balushi, The Pennsylvania State University
Dane deQuilettes, University of Washington
Peijun Guo, Northwestern University
Hyeon-Ho Jeong, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Jing Li, City University of Hong Kong
Lin Ma, Cornell University
Claire McLellan, University of California, Santa Barbara
Shilpa Raja, University of California, Berkeley
Christopher Rodell, University of Pennsylvania
Hao Sun, Fudan University
Xue-Li Zheng, University of Toronto

Gold and Nowick Award:
Claire McLellan, University of California, Santa Barbara


F16_ GSA Silver_IMG_6175
Silver Award Recipients:
Muharrem Acerce, Rutgers University
Matin Amani, University of California, Berkeley
Yu Ding, The University of Texas at Austin
Joohoon Kang, Northwestern University
Wonho Lee, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Jin Li, Texas A&M University
Yu-Chuan Lin, The Pennsylvania State University
Tianyu Liu, University of California, Santa Cruz
Arun Kumar Mannodi Kanakkithodi, University of Connecticut
Osamudiamen Omoigiade, Imperial College of London
Li Na Quan, Ewha Womans University
Mansa Rajagopalan, Arizona State University
Apoorv Shanker, University of Michigan
Zeqing Shen, Rutgers University
Joshua Taillon, University of Maryland
Kun Wang, University of Georgia
William Wong, The Australian National University
Guoqing Xin, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Mervin Zhao, University of California, Berkeley


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