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ES3: Perovskite Solar Cell Research from Material Properties to Photovoltaic Function

EM10: Emerging Materials and Technologies for Nonvolatile Memories

Suhas Somnath, Oak Ridge National Laboratory 

Scanning Probe Microscopy Techniques for Ultrafast Probing of Ferroelectric and Multiferroic Materials

Written by Vineet Venugopal

Oak Ridge National lab has for many years led innovation in piezoforce microscopy introducing ever more sophisticated techniques to extricate information from atomic force imaging of ferroelectric materials. Suhas Somnath introduced a new mode of imaging termed “general mode voltage spectroscopy” or G-mode. This mode captures raw information from the cantilever in a wide bandwidth with sampling rates as high as 100 Mhz. This means that a surface that would have taken several hours with the currently popular mode (band excitation) can now be imaged in a few minutes. Furthermore, as many as 10000 loops per second can be measured on a sample spot. Altogether this method is 3500x faster than band excitation. Relevant materials data such as local strains are extracted from the raw data using suitable filters. This method is particularly exciting for data science-based methods of the future.


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