First Conference Talk

Strategies to Improve Energy Storage Devices

An invited talk in the EE5 symposium on novel strategies for creating faster, longer-lasting energy storage devices was quite comprehensive. Among the strategies, were researching polymorphs of electrochemically active compounds (e.g. MnO2), combining capacitor-like and battery-like electrodes to create hybrid devices, using 2D materials as intercalation based electrodes, or using 2D materials as conductive networks for other redox-active compounds. Special attention was given to MXenes, a large family of 2D transition metal carbides discovered at Drexel University in 2011, and how they have been explored for many applications, including aqueous electrolyte supercapacitors, organic electrolyte supercapacitors, and  hybrid devices with LiFePO4 (widely used Li-ion battery cathode).


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