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MRS: Opportunities as Volunteers within Materials Research Society

Do you know that you can impact even more within your community if you become a Materials Research Society (MRS)?

There are several ways to do so. For instance, if you are a US citizen and have interest to advocate for Materials Science and Engineering among the legislators so to warranty enough funding sources for research and education, you probably would like to volunteer within the Government Affairs Committee. If you are among the 48% international MRS members, you might be interested to volunteer then among the International Student Affairs or Members Engagement towards issues and interests related to the international members.

The Materials Research Society is composed by seven Operating Committees. If you have interest to make a difference through the MRS volunteer opportunities, complete the Volunteer Profile Form to express your interests and email it to Michele Feder, manager of volunteer affairs.

I am a MRS volunteer and I am really passionate to the activities and opportunities involved. If you are also the type of person that prefer doing something than just complaining about it, join me and other peer members to make a difference as a volunteer within MRS. Among the benefits you would have to be more engaged/committed within MRS: networking, learn more about the MRS structure, opportunity to make a difference within your community, and personal/professional development. The MRS volunteer members is a great opportunity to meet people with similar mindset. I am sure you will make great friends through such commitment within our community!


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