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MRS Awards: We need your Help to Increase Diversity in Nominations

Do you know that about 48% of the Materials Research Society (MRS) members are international, but that does not reflect in the nominations of awards? Similarly, women nominations do not reflect the MRS members numbers.

In the evolving society wherein diversity is a key driver towards successful innovation, it is intriguing that the MRS nominations are mostly Caucasian males from US. There are efforts from various committees at MRS to help increase the diversity of nomination to awards. At the moment, the MRS offers 12 different opportunities of awards:

  1. Graduate Student Award
  2. Innovation in Materials Characterization
  3. The Kavli Foundation Early Career Lectureship in Materials Science
  4. Materials Theory Award
  5. Mid-Career Researcher
  6. MRS Fellow
  7. MRS Impact Award
  8. MRS Medal
  9. Outstanding Young Investigator
  10. Postdoctoral Awards
  11. Turnbull Lectureship
  12. Von Hippel Award

Please, leave your comments in this post with suggestions how could we increase the diversity within the nominations to MRS awards. Join us in this effort, spread the nomination forms worldwide so to increase diverse nominations!


MRS towards diversity nominations.



Artur Braun

This reminds me of the recent Academy Award and Oscar nomination discussion.
Does one maybe have to make a statistics so we can see, visualise where the diversity is at right now?

MRS has the diversity pledge in its constitution, and I know that "some" of the higher ups in the MRS have a frequent keen eye on this pledge for diversity and raise their voice loud and clear when this is due. I know this for sure when it comes to diversity in participation and inclusiveness. So, there is definitely the will of MRS to walk the talk.
And to a large extent you see the results as far as the selection of Meeting Chairs and Symposium Organizers are concerned, and also the Offices at MRS, including President etc.

As for the award nominations, maybe one should make a statistics and see whether and how it differs from the diversity in the aforementioned fields. The results of this statistics could then be a motivator for a review.

Very good for bringing this up!

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