Strategies to Improve Energy Storage Devices
After the conference

First Conference Talk

My heart was racing before my first conference today in the morning session of the EE5 symposium, despite having practiced the talk successfully a few times. Before I started speaking, seeing a close friend and some other classmates in the audience had an incredibly calming effect on me. I'm grateful that they were there to support me because it helped my delivery be smooth. My talk summarized the results of months of work on the high rate capabilities of MXenes, a class of 2D transition metal that I focus on for my research. Since pseudocapacitance is generally considered to lead to lower power density than electrochemical double layer capacitors (EDLC, e.g. activated carbon based devices), I highlighted the need for pseudocapacitive materials to have power densities exceed those of EDLCs. In particular, high electronic conductivity and fast ionic diffusion into the material are key, and MXenes just happened to be a good materials system to test this hypothesis.


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