First Conference Talk
Scanning the Meeting - Postscript

After the conference

I would have thought that I could take a small break from thinking about materials science after 5 days at MRS. On the way to see my cousin in Glendale, AZ, one taxi driver and I got immersed in a conversation about extractive metallurgy, as he used to do lots of business with the copper mines in New Mexico before his retirement. If that wasn't surprising, another taxi driver that took me from Glendale to the airport spoke to me about precision measurement systems and novel cutting methods his company developed (e.g. water jetting, EDM) for aluminum composites and Ti alloy composites for Boeing, before his retirement. Although he was more on the management side, he said he would have wanted to learn to do research if he were to turn back the hands of time. So I suppose I should consider myself lucky in that regard. Goodbye Arizona!


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