Symposium EP3: Perovskite PV: opportunities beyond CH3NH3PbI3
Thermal Photovoltaic Cells

Symposium EP3: Crosslinkable materials for increased thermomechanical reliability of perovskite solar cells

Dr. Brian Watson, Stanford University

Following up from the interesting presentation about the "weakest" thermomechanical properties of perovskite solar cells on Monday, Dr. Brian Watson from Stanford University gave the talk about the crosslinkable materials to improve this property of perovskite solar cells. He also gave a great chart showing that as the the efficiency of perovskite solar cells go up, their fracture energies actually go down to less than 0.1 J/m2. In fact the electron and hole transport layers are even weaker than the perovskite layer in the real device. By using crosslinkable materials for electron and hole transport layers in perovskite solar cell, the fracture energy is improved and the efficiency of the device is also improved.


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