SM6: Transient and Biologically-Inspired Electronics
Direct Electron Detection

EP4: Emerging Silicon Science and Technology

Daniel Chung, University of New South Wales

Photoluminescence Imaging for Quality Control in Silicon Solar Cell Manufacturing

Written by Tine Naerland

Solar cells made of multi-crystalline silicon (mc-Si) has recently proved to have more to offer in terms of efficiency consecutively lowering the cost of solar power. As the cell design becomes better and better, the quality of the mc-Si becomes more and more critical putting pressure on impurity control in the making of silicon for solar cells. In this talk by Daniel Chung of the University of New South Wales, a solar cell in-line tool based on photoluminescence (PL) imaging is shown to be capable of fast and reliable quantification of a wide range of electronic material and device parameters. The information is obtained on bricks without any specific sample preparation, which is particularly relevant, since the measurable information about bulk material quality is largely lost during wafer slicing.


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