Symposium H: Multifunctionality in Polymer-Based Materials, Gels and Interfaces
Materials Hackathon Winners

Symposium B: Stretchable and Active Polymers and Composites for Energy and Medicine

Dae-Hyeong Kim, Seoul National University

Implantable and Wearable Healthcare Devices using Soft Electronics

Written by Kerianne Dobosz 

The next generation of bio-integrated healthcare devices was showcased in Dae-Hyeong Kim’s talk about flexible electronics. To decrease discomfort from rigid components and inefficiency due to poor contact, Kim closed the gap between the mechanical strength of rigid electronics to human tissue. In regards to colon cancer, reoccurrence rates are high, so for better drug delivery, a multifunctional smart surgical endoscope with a transparent camera was developed. Radial ablation or the heating of a tumor is assisted with a pH probe to find cells and a viability sensor to detect success. Smart patches were developed for Parkinson disease where an abnormal dopamine level causes stable frequent tremors. A heater controls drug desorption from loaded porous nanoparticles. With elasticity similar to the skin, the patch remains in good contact and tremor frequency is measured with a strain gauge. If frequency is too high, more drug is delivered and if too slow, less to prevent side effects. Novel Intaglio printing was used for electrical components with extremely high resolution and data is stored in resistive random-access memory (RRAM). This allows for specialized real-time dosages.   


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